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Posted Feb 25, 2016

black lives matter interrupts bernie and critiques his platform


white people mad


but bernie expands platform to include their issues


peace advocate creates dank meme


attempting to have same effect on bernie's contradictory war policies


dank meme group mad


peace advocate accused of trolling despite the obvious dankness of meme


dank meme gets deleted by one of group's 28 admins (which one? and why?)


bernie still encouraging more war vs syria via usa-war-proxy nations saudi arabia and turkey


does not talk about long record of human rights abuses by those nations


diplomacy result of "getting their hands dirty"? no, threat of death by ground troops and death by air


bernie propagates obama/bush/etc myth of "just war" (hey it's just war get over it)


doesn't reveal how isis and other terrorist groups created/supported by usa national "security" covert ops


doesn't reveal how destablization of mid east was pentagon's by-design-on-purpose plan *before* 9/11


has stated he will not end the drone "program"


supports zionist colonization of palestine


doesn't want constituents to know about his military contracts in vermont


sheepdog for dem side of oligarchy's political monopoly


the job description for the empire's commmander-in-thief did not change with obama


anyone who aspires to be that person deserves our fullest scrutiny


anyone who ignores endless unjust war for political gain is intellectually dishonest

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