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Posted May 14, 2014

The REAL corporate polluters are OPPOSED to the Portland Public Water District.
2014-04-01: Facts about the PPWD
When criticized about the financial backers of the PPWD initiative, i.e. Portland Bottling and Siltronic, some of the largest water users in Portland, Jones’ response was that she didn’t think they were in a position to judge these large water users who at least showed up at Council utility rate hearings and hearings on reservoir contracts and Bull Run treatment issues arguing like FOR, to protect the best water system in the country. She in turn questions the opposition backers including utility contractors and PGE who contribute ninety percent.
2014-04-10: Look who's funding the anti-utility district campaign
Audubon Portland has tried to smear corporate donors to our public water district campaign, calling them “corporate polluters.” The truth is, for all their anti-corporate rhetoric, Audubon Portland relies heavily on corporate contributions, too.  In fact, they receive funding from Portland General Electric, and even NW Natural — the local natural gas monopoly and a major Superfund polluter.
2014-04-13: Friends of the Reservoirs Mailing List
The above was published on Friday, April 10. The night before on Thursday, April 9, at a Buckman sponsored PPWD forum Bob Sallinger representing Audubon in theatrical fashion shouted to me "you should not get in bed with "polluters" referring to one of Kent Craford's previous 20 clients. Sallinger  ignores the fact that when my co-chief petitioner Kent Craford did previously represent Portland's large water customers, Darigold, Widmer, Alsco American Linen were among his clients. Sallinger focuses on Siltronic but says polluters as if all of Portland's large water customers are polluters and fails to mention the fact that Audubon is in bed with corporate Superfund polluter NW Natural Gas. NW Natural Gas is expected to be the next big  contributor to the no campaign, another that benefits from the status quo of big budgets, and high rates. 
2014-04-24: Portland Public Water District: Truth-squadding risk to environmental programs and link to utility lawsuit
“We don’t have any problem with stormwater management. That’s the mission of the bureau,” Floy Jones, a co-backer with Craford, said during a March 6 forum.
But when asked why Audubon would oppose the measure if that were true, Jones shot back: “Because Bob Sallinger has an interest in expanding the mission of the bureau.”
2014-04-25: Portland Public Water District: Truth-squadding the liability over Superfund cleanup and loss of union jobs
Will the ballot measure impact who is liable for the multi-million-dollar Superfund cleanup?
Again, that’s what Portland Mayor Charlie Hales says.
“Some corporations will potentially be able to escape their Superfund liability if that measure passes,” he told Willamette Week last year.
Asked recently to elaborate, Hales declined.
In 2000, the federal government named a portion of the Willamette River a polluted Superfund site. The designation impacts the Portland Harbor between the Broadway Bridge and the Columbia Slough.
Cleanup costs could range from $200 million to $1.7 billion. About 150 private businesses or government agencies have been identified as potentially contributing to contamination - and they’ll be responsible for picking up the tab.
Kent Craford, one of the sponsors of the ballot measure, said corporations will have to pay whatever the federal government decides. He has challenged the veracity of Hales’ claim.
But when it comes to Portland’s liability, Craford said, sewer customers should pay an appropriate level of Superfund costs. And he thinks the burden should largely fall on city property taxes - paid by homeowners - not utility customers.
“But the question is, who does the liability reside with? Does it reside with the family of four who is having to pay this big bill on their sewer bill. Or does it reside with the property tax owner who’s got a penthouse in the Pearl District?” he said at a March 6 forum.
“These are general obligations of the city and so they should be apportioned based on people’s property tax value or based on their income. It shouldn’t be apportioned based on how much water they use.”
2014-05-02: Friends of the Reservoirs Mailing List
The anti camp has 3 polluters supporting their money grabbing cause, while Siltronic has received environmental awards from the City for 11 years. But they continue on with the plural "polluters" rhetoric.
2014-04-28: Why Siltronic supports creation of Portland utility district
After we reuse the water and are finished with it, we treat it and dispose of it, making us also one of the city’s largest sewer customers.  We ensure the highest quality of that effluent, and the city of Portland has honored Siltronic with the Perfect Wastewater Pretreatment Award for 11 straight years.
2007-05-09: Siltronic Corporation receives EPA’s National Environmental Performance Award!OpenDocument&Start=2.3&Count=5&Expand=2.3
Portland based Siltronic Corporation (Siltronic), is being recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) for their outstanding commitment to consistently exceed environmental requirements and continuously improve their overall environmental performance.
2007-06-01: Siltronic Receives Oregon Sustainability Award

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