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Illegal Bull Run Logging Stopped By Water Quality Expert
Posted May 14, 2014

Friends of the Reservoirs Background


While employed by the PWB, [Joe] Glicker authored an article describing how public understanding with regard to drinking water can be manipulated and managed, and he subsequently demonstrated strategies for silencing community advocates of quality water and Bull Run. Glicker’s 1990 article entitled Convincing the Public that Drinking Water is Safe, discusses ways of controlling the conversation, determining what the public ought to know, using the media, as well as influencing state and federal regulations, and much more.

There's nothing inherently wrong with educating the public and media if the premise is correct that there's no basis for their concerns. What's sinister about it is Glicker's chosen target:

In 1993, as a high-ranking PWB official, Glicker orchestrated a campaign to discredit (silence) a highly respected and credentialed water quality expert, Doug Larson. Glicker contacted various conference organizers in order to get Larson removed as a speaker, and used e-mail to organize a harassment effort.

Glicker had been disputing that logging negatively impacts water quality. Eventually, a lawsuit was filed against the City resulting in Portland issuing a public apology and paying out $73,000. Rather than fire Glicker, the Portland Water Bureau promoted him later that year. Illegal logging in Bull Run was stopped.

If Joe had used legal means of subverting Doug, that would have been no less sinister. I wonder how many times he's done that where it did not end up in a lawsuit or get media attention.

This is the person of such low moral character who's convinced just enough people to earn himself lucrative contracts from his crony friends in Portland with no public input.

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