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Posted Feb 22, 2013

Are children in pain or sometimes even dying because of lack of fluoride? No, their poor dental health is from inadequate dental hygiene and consuming too much sugar, plus the ADA does everything in its power fighting against tax-funded dental healthcare and mid-level practitioners. This investigation reveals how the ADA maintains its exemption from Medicare and also how -- and why -- they enforce water fluoridation (because they profit from it!), not just at the federal level but also in each state, trickling down to Portland's own "Healthy Kids Healthy Portland".

2012-02-09: Access to Dental Care: A National Scandal
published by Hospitals & Health Networks, the flagship publication of the American Hospital Association (AHA)
After reading the history of dentistry being rejected by the Baltimore College of Medicine, I have a newfound sympathy for organized dentistry, BUT it seems they've been holding a grudge ever since that takes priority over what's best for patients. This makes them potentially liable for manslaughter.
2012-06-22: Wall Street Journal: The Health PAC to Watch? Dentists
Powerful Group Fights to Keep Others From Lucrative Practice as It Prepares for High-Court Ruling
Nothing particularly sinister about the ADA wanting to protect its dentists but it demonstrates that they care a hell of a lot more about themselves than proper healthcare for patients.
2012-06-26: Dollars and Dentists
FRONTLINE and the Center for Public Integrity investigate America's dental health crisis.
2013-03-11: 'Dental therapists' spark debate

“The No. 1 obstacle has been organized dentistry.”

ADA: Fluoridation "Facts"
And on page 2 we see this report is from 2005. That's right, they haven't updated it since the NRC 2006 report!!!
And ironically on page 23: "In scientific research, there is no such thing as 'final knowledge'."
Posted By Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent, September 27, 2007

Nowadays, there are a lot of seals on products. Everyone from the American Academy of Dermatology to the American Cancer Society seems to offer some sort of seal for products you buy every day. Obviously, the manufacturers love it because they hope it leads to increased sales. Did you know, however, that many of the approving organizations are paid for their seals? In many cases, there are no independent tests performed and the consumers are sort of left wondering what it all means.

Today, we learned that Wrigley paid the American Dental Association to review some of the studies the company performed on its own products. After a review of that data and accepting $36,000, the ADA has offered its seal of approval on Wrigley sugar-free chewing gum products. That's right. These products now get the same seal of approval seen on some toothbrushes and on mouthwash. The ADA stands by its seal and told us any company can apply for the seal, as long as the company pays for it.
The first ADA Smile Healthy product, Kid Pure fluoridated water, is now on the shelves in Wal-Mart stores in four states: Florida, Illinois, Ohio and Indiana. Each jug bears the ADA's Smile Healthy certification mark and contains 0.7-1.2 parts per million of fluoride, meeting the ADA recommended formulation. Kid Pure's water is bottled by Water Source One, a leading producer of private label bottled water in the United States and the ADA's first Smile Healthy participant. 
The program is modeled after the American Heart Association's Heart Healthy program for foods low in fat and cholesterol, and all proceeds from the program go to the ADA Foundation for access programs, research, education and public awareness.
And how much $$$ goes to ADA administrators and Water Source One?
ADPAC "Accomplishments"
“The American Dental Association is one of the most influential trade lobbies in the country…”
- Wall Street Journal Capital Journal, Aug. 24, 2012
They quote that as though it's a good thing.
"Ensuring that implementation of health care reform maximizes opportunities to improve access while not adversely affecting dental practices and patients."
Yeah right, it's actually about maintaining their exemption from Medicare which they've been fighting since 1965.
"Pushing for medical liability reform."
No doubt to reduce the risk of being sued for things like, oh say, children dying because the ADA makes it so difficult to get dental care? And for shoving toxic fluoride down our throats:
"Fighting anti-fluoridation efforts on Capitol Hill and in the states."
How ADA Corruption Trickles Down into Oregon and Portland
Oregon Dental Association (ODA)
"The Oregon Dental Association is one of five constituent dental societies (including Alaska, Idaho, Montana and Washington) that comprise the American Dental Association's Eleventh Trustee District."
Portland based Oregon Dental Service (ODS) was created by the ODA and in 1995 the U.S. Department of Justice made a judgement against the ODS, found guilty of Sherman Act antitrust violations. Basically they acted like a mafia organization coercing member dentists to keep their prices high all over Oregon and prevent competition from other dental plans.
Dentists of Oregon Political Action Committee (DOPAC) appears to be the political arm of the ODA:
They're both based in Wilsonville which does not fluoridate their water and would not "benefit" from Portland fluoridation (how convenient for them):
2013-02-21: Dentists Toss First Big Money Into Fluoride Battle
The Willamette Week reports that DOPAC is the major funder for the insidiously named "Healthy Kids Healthy Portland" (HKHP).
And finally, Seth Woolley (candidate for Oregon Secretary of State reveals how HKHP walks the fine line of legality to minimize their transparency:

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