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"Preservation of the Union" Pennies
Posted Nov 22, 2011

I just found two of these 2011 D pieces of shit in my pocket. I was a pretty avid coin collector as a kid, and all my life I have witnessed the decline of all coins in their metal composition, aesthetics, and value (both intrinsic and relative to inflation). It is totally symbolic of the overall decline of the USA. E Pluribus Unum? Yeah right, more like E Pluribus Nemo. Oh and did you know the US Mint made it ILLEGAL to melt down coins? Yeah that's because pre-1982 pennies are now worth about 2.5 cents. Hell, even these crappy zinc coins cost more than 1 cent to make.

But wait, there's more! Yep this story gets worse by the hour. I just read that the coin has an official name. The US Mint calls it the "Preservation of the Union" One-Cent Coin.

This bullshit was actually made into law by Congress in 2009 as the usual distraction from far more important issues (see Section 303):

Ending slavery was obviously a great outcome of the Civil War, but it wasn't the true reason for it, unless one is inclined to believe that the South's decision to sell its cotton to Europe at a higher price prior to the war was pure coincidence. Funny how the North didn't seem to mind slavery when they were buying up all that cotton for processing in their factories.

The unfortunate flip side of that preservation ... ehh ... coin (bwaha!) which we see ever more clearly now is a vast military that occupies 150 countries all over the world and an equally vast Orwellian network of "security" departments to "protect" our homeland.

Some also speculate that Lincoln was assassinated because he attempted to end the Federal Reserve and its debt-based banking system. The only other president to attempt that was JFK, and oh gee look what happened to him. So many coincidences! (Another one being that I found these coins on the 48th anniversary of JFK's death ... oh wait that actually IS a coincidence haha! Or is it synchronicity? <cue spooky music>

Now, does any of the above ring a bell within the context of certain nations (most notably Iraq and Libya) demanding payment for its oil in Euros and refusing to be controlled by Global Banksters? Surely that is just a coincidence, too ...

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