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Wylie may prove Russiagate but what about ISRAELGATE?
Posted Mar 27, 2018

IF Christopher Wylie is telling the truth re: Cambridge Analytica, then FINALLY there might be actual evidence that Russia interfered with our presidential election.[1]

I know this comes as a shock to many people (if they're still following me haha), but I never said Russia didn't do it. I have always said that there was no PROOF and there were quite reasonable motives for both gov't and media to indict Russia without evidence. I guess innocent until proven guilty no longer applies in America.

I am ready to concede that just because they're warmongering, doesn't mean it's not true. But hey, don't blame me for distrusting our gov't and complicit media. Blame THEM for crying wolf so many times! (Iraq WMD's, yellowcake, Libya, Syria, covert support for ISIS, a bazillion CIA war crimes[2], etc) And because of that I'm still not jumping to conclusions before Wylie's story is fully investigated.

HOWEVER, if this story is true then it opens up a whole 'nother can o' worms:

a) ISRAEL's interference in U.S. elections is an even bigger bombshell than Russia which is being vastly ignored.[3][4][5][6]

b) Also rarely mentioned: Our own gov't interference in both foreign AND domestic elections and manipulation of public opinion going back decades[7][8][9] and other means of domestic election tampering.[10] It's reasonable to assume that such activities continue, especially given the revelations about NSA wiretapping and massive data collection.

So ... why is all the focus still solely on Russia? Where is ISRAELGATE? Where is the mass outcry for election reform right here in our own country? Seeing Wylie's face plastered all over the media immediately brings two words to my mind: Limited Hangout![11]

AND ... what is the effective and moral means of preventing future interference? I, for one, do NOT advocate WAR nor sanctions! We don't deserve to get nuked just because Trump is a criminal and our entire election system is fraudulent, and the same goes for Russia's citizens.

Preventing election interference and false propaganda (both domestic and foreign) is surely complicated, but we can start by impeaching Trump (and get ready to impeach Pence too), putting Cambridge Analytica out of business, ceasing the punishment of whistle blowers, holding Facebook accountable, eliminating the CIA, overhauling the mission of Homeland Security (rename while we're at it because that's always sounded Nazi-like to me), and well hey what are YOUR ideas?! Working together instead of being angry and divided helps, too!

Just like with 9/11, we don't solve the security weakness of jet plane hijacking by destroying the entire Middle East, especially when the vast majority of them had nothing to do with it and the end result is the creation of yet more heartbroken and incredibly angry responses. You solve it by increasing DOMESTIC security. Spreading our military all over the world makes us more vulnerable RIGHT HERE AT HOME. And our 800-900 aggressive military bases all over the world only serve to make half (or most) of the world FEAR US. This is why we get Russia and North Korea responding with their own displays of power. We're the bullies. We are encroaching on their turf and the War on Terror is a big fat lie. They are defending their homeland from us. Put yourself in their shoes and imagine what it would be like if they started building military bases in Mexico and Canada.

So the most important solution is to stop antagonizing the world, shut down the military bases, bring our troops home and give them jobs in the green energy industry (e.g. hemp fuel so we're not so dependent on oil & natural gas from other countries), and maybe protecting our school children (well maybe just the few who don't suffer from PTSD and again Cannabis helps with that!) and other life-affirming careers instead of blindly following orders and mass murdering innocent human beings all over the globe. Also stop giving away 53% of the discretionary budget to war profiteers and instead put that money into domestic services like universal healthcare. These things I've been saying all along and the Cambridge Analytica allegations don't change my fundamental message.













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