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Posted Mar 22, 2019

NOT for partisan-manufactured reasons, but for being yet another Commander-In-Thief responsible for crimes against humanity in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, "Latin America", and once again Africa. This week civilians have been killed by U.S. airstrikes in Somalia while Congress pretends to care about Yemen. All of this is primarily to maintain global petrodollar hegemony with Sauron's eye towards Full-Spectrum Dominance. Military aggression is the foundation of our house-of-cards overvalued economy, but that is not sustainable. Unfortunately, every POTUS has been immune to accountability for war crimes as well as every complicit DC politician, Pentagon brass, Wall Street pillager, money-laundering bankster, and warmongering media, so the only hope for the victims of U.S. "foreign policy" -- which includes U.S. citizens suffering from lack of a living wage, healthcare, and social services due to so much $$$ going to war profiteers -- is the total collapse of the "American" empire. Whether that inevitable event is a catastrophe or not, whether it is bloody hell or relatively peaceful, is up to how well we prepare and even advocate for it. This dying nation needs to be moved into hospice care. #NoMorePresidents #NoMorePoliticans #NoMoreWar #GoodbyeUSA #TGIF

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